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Brian_Profile_PicBrian started his first practice off Stockwell Road SW9 in 1979, working along side
Dr Yasu Yasomoto Chiropractor (Japan) and Dr Graham Montague Naturopath (USA). They all worked together to develop an holistic approach in complimentary medicine.

In 1986 he moved his practice to Shooters Hill SE18, where he assisted in the ‘holistic training’ of Stephen Beaver DO Osteopath and Iga Downing DO Osteopath, as well as Helen J. Allport; student osteopath. (See testimonials).

By 1996 he moved his practice to its present address, and it is here that his more advanced medical equipment (like the MP100 or PAM) was incorporated into his present system of holistic therapy that now also includes acupuncture. (See Equip).

elthamDuring 1996 Brian worked at the Lewisham Hospital’s Research Centre, on the subject of complimentary medicine, until the clinic lost its funding. (See testimonials).

In the same year he delivered lectures on complimentary medicine to the Post Graduate Centre for GPs. He was later a guest lecturer at the Greenwich District Hospital to physiotherapists in 1998.

During 1999, Dr Michael Luther worked with Brian, which led
to an invitation in 2000 from Klaus-Peter Luther (Doctor of Orthopaedic Manual Medicine) for “the exchange of experience in the treatment of patients” at his practice in Germany. (See testimonials).

In 2001 Brian became a registered member of the Association of Osteomyologists, an organisation that concurs with his beliefs in holistic medicine. He gained a Licentiate in Osteomyology (Lic. Ost.) in 2010 and qualified as an acupuncturist in 2013.

Osteomyolgists are holistically insured, so that they can use a variety of techniques to manually treat pain and discomfort. Being an osteomyologist involves a Continuous Program of Development.


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