Specialised Therapy Equipment

Masterpuls_MP100Masterpuls MP100. This latest state-of-the art proven technology was originally used for treating kidney stones and has now found its way into orthopaedic surgery, rheumatology and sports injury rehabilitation during the last few years. The Masterpuls uses pneumatically generated acoustic pulses known as ESWT-extracorporeal shock wave therapy, that enables the body to produce pain-inhibiting substances at the same time as improving blood supply and enhancing metabolism to the injured area. It is ideal for treating: patellar tendinopathy of the knee; impingement syndromes of the shoulder and hip joints; for the ankle – calcaneal spur and strains to the Achilles tendon; tennis and golf elbow (epicondylitis); and plantar fascitis.

Ultrasound. A micro-massage wave that alters blood supply and metabolism in a more subtle way to the Masterpuls MP100.


Nemectron_Edit_1This works on low frequency modulation that releases pain-relieving endorphins, improves blood supply, increases metabolism and diminishes joint swelling. All this in turn promotes healing.

Bio-laser and Magnetic Field Therapy. Both are very useful for speeding up and consolidating the repair of bone fractures.Nemectron_Edit_2


The Power Assisted Micro-manipulator (PAM).

The_Power_Assisted_Micro-manipulator_PAM A device invented by the mechanical engineer Robert Taylor, which improves spinal mobility, reduces discomfort and helps to restore the spine to a more youthful, functional, pain-free state. It is particularly beneficial for the treatment of very chronic back problems such as idiopathic scoliosis. Taylor understood that the vertical strength of the spine comes from its flexibility and elasticity. A healthy, flexible spine spreads its stresses throughout its length so that no single vertebra is subjected to undue stresses.

However, due to wear and tear that may occur from falls, lifting strains and sport or work injuries, our spines progressively lose flexibility and with less elasticity the spinal stresses become more focused on singular vertebral areas of the spine, such as the lower neck and back. These two areas consistently show the greatest susceptibility to spinal disc degeneration.


The PAM is able to restore spinal flexibility and elasticity due to its ‘four fingered’ bionic hand piston motion, which works through three different modes of action that can steadily free up spinal joint restrictions.

In SPASM MODE the bionic hand piston moves quickly, smoothly and rapidly over the spine, enabling the spine’s dysfunctional reflexes to be “blocked” thus helping to eliminate muscle spasm.

In REFLEX MODE the pistons move at a slower rate but still fairly fast. The aim here is to use the pistons as little percussion hammers to try to stimulate the spine’s reflex activity to a more normal function.

In MOBILISE MODE the pistons can move at a much slower speed, which helps to free up the movement between the vertebrae. These restrictions in movement between vertebrae may have taken months or years to develop. All this is accomplished with much more persistence than even the fittest and strongest practitioner could ever achieve.

Furthermore, the PAM has been specifically designed to be totally safe even on very old osteoporotic spines.