“Face, lower back, fingers locking, knees locking and constipation – all had life-changing treatment from Brian. He excels with knowledge, intelligence, intuition and skills with a combination of manipulation, special machinery and acupuncture (optional). It is a privilege to be one of his patients and I am extremely grateful for the medical results.”

- Joy, London 2023

Our common destination will be the exchange of experience in the treatment of patients with body disorders of the spine and extremities.

An invitation to work with Klaus-Peter Luther, Doctor of Orthopaedic and Manual
Medicine, Gardelegen, Germany

To Whom It May Concern…”Brian completed a post-graduate educational course at the Andrew Still College in 1980. He has been a supportive member of good standing who regularly attends post-graduate training courses to keep his practice up to date. He runs a busy practice where he has been allocated several students for their clinical practical training.

Jenny Hemingway, DO, Osteopath, Former Hon. Secretary of the British & European Osteopathic Association dissolved in 1998
Jenny Hemingway is an osteopath practising in London NW1

To Whom It May Concern…”Brian, as an Osteomyologist, has been Registered with The Association of Osteomyologist since 2001, and presented with the honour of a Licentiate in Osteomyology (Lic.Ost.) in 2010 and acupuncture 2013. He regularly attends post-graduate training courses

KS Harding FAO, Registrar Association of Osteomyologists

The finest qualification I hold is to have been Brian’s apprentice while studying for my academic credentials.

Dr Graham Montague, ND, Naturopath (USA)
Dr Graham Montague, ND, practises naturopathy in Indiana, USA

He introduced me to clinical practice and offered me the clinical experience and supervision necessary to complete my training. For this help I will always be indebted to him.

Stephen Beaver, DO, Osteopath
Stephen Beaver DO, is the principle osteopathic practitioner at SW19 Osteopaths, 35 High Street, Colliers Wood SW19 2JE. His osteopathic skills, include a qualification in Paediatric Osteopathy.

I was attending his practice once a week for 10 months. During that time I was shown high quality work with professional expertise. I was very fortunate to observe all his skills and take a small part in running his very busy practice.

Iga Downing, DO, Osteopath
Iga (Jadwiga) Downing DO, practises osteopathy at 25 Gladys Road, London NW6 2PU

His success as practitioner was evident both by the extent of his practice and the response of his patients. A practitioner of many years standing, Brian is still searching to extend his treatment methods and he introduced me to many innovative techniques, all of which were tailored to the individual needs of his patients.

Helen J Allport; former student osteopath

Dear Brian…”Thank you very much indeed for your sterling contribution to the GP meeting. I am very conscious of the fact that the group format that we used was very intensive, and effectively flogged you to death, but it was very worth while for all the GP’s! I am sorry if it was a gruelling experience, and in view of this I enclose a small token of thanks on behalf of the GPs and the Post Graduate Centre. The evening was very enjoyable and rated as being extremely valuable by the GPs there.

Dr M. V. Edwards, Post-graduate GP Tutor, Lewisham Hospital

I’m writing to confirm that from the 14th August (1996) we will be cancelling the clinics, and will no longer be needing your services for the time being.
I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for stepping in at such short notice to help us out and I hope that we can call on you to help us again in the future.

Anne-Marie Brennan, Nurse & Research Centre Co-ordinator, Lewisham Hospital