I have found Brian’s methods wholly professional and effective and never nor will I ever have a problem in recommending his services to any person regardless of age, gender or injury.

RM, Patient

In my early 20s, I had a bad fall, which damaged my spine and left my coccyx out of place. Over the last 50 years I have made countless visits to doctors and other practitioners to seek relief from the pain I was suffering. Partial relief was sometimes received, but now after  only a few visits to you, I am so much better, and I believe at last my spine is straighter, and I am better balanced than I have been over all these years. It is sheer delight to be relieved of so much pain.

EH, Patient

May I take this opportunity in thanking Brian for what he has done for me, I am now walking perfectly and my back feels 100% stronger.

JW, Patient

I am pleased to say that he has made my life better after all them years of extreme, undesirable pain. May the Gods smile on him.

KG, Haemophiliac Patient

I recommend all my athletes for his treatment and expertise, including Olympic and Commonwealth athletes and international rugby players.

JH, Patient and England Commonwealth Games Team Coach

Since the age of 18 (I am now 46) I have had a recurring back/slipped disc problem. Until becoming a patient of Brian’s this condition would often incapacitate me for several days and on occasion even weeks. Brian has been able to put me back on my feet in record time; usually within one or, at the most, two days.

SM, Patient

Brian’s innovative and unorthodox methods have without doubt solved my very deep back trouble.

JT, Patient and Blackheath RFC Player

I had had seven operations and various other treatments on my spine over a number of years … After just one treatment I had relief and after several I felt better than I had in years. Now as soon as I have a problem, I come straight to you.

CT, Wheelchair Patient