Welcome to Eltham Back Pain Center

With over 40 years of clinical experience, Brian has treated many types of spinal ailments and conditions. He uses the Power Assisted Micro-Manipulator (PAM) – a vital piece of equipment – in promoting faster spinal recovery. The PAM is able to restore spinal flexibility and elasticity, using three different modes of action; by this process it rapidly frees up spinal joint restrictions. Furthermore, the PAM has been specifically designed by the manufacturer to be safe even on very old osteoporotic spines.
Other medical equipment is also used at the back pain centre, such as Ultrasound, Bio-Laser, Scenar, Magnetic Field Therapy and Nemectron Edit. By applying the appropriate therapy, Brian is able to quickly diminish acute as well as chronic pain, whether it is dysfunctional, degenerative (arthritic) or inflammatory, at a faster rate than normally expected from conventional methods alone.